WMT - Watchmaking visionaries from Hong Kong

About us - WMT (Watch Experimental UNIT)

Founded in 2018, WMT (Watch Experimental UNIT) has swiftly emerged as a dynamic wristwatch brand based in Hong Kong. Guided by a brand philosophy that integrates second-hand creation, vintage craftsmanship, and artistic elements, WMT embodies a distinct vision within the realm of timepieces. With its impeccable craftsmanship in vintage techniques and a penchant for aesthetic designs that harmoniously blend retro and contemporary styles, WMT has rapidly garnered a loyal following in recent years. From Italy, Japan to the United States, WMT serves as an enduring source of inspiration and surprise for wristwatch collectors worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of wristwatch history, WMT embarks on a creative journey, crafting timepieces that resonate with the essence of their original counterparts through the art of second-hand creation. The ageing technique on watch dials is a craftsmanship that WMT takes pride in. Artisans painstakingly handcraft each dial component, replicating authentic and antique effects such as oxidation, ageing, and long-term exposure. Each timepiece captures the very soul and essence of vintage watches. Simultaneously, WMT ingeniously infuses contemporary art elements into its designs, presenting a dual image that blends the nostalgia of the past with current trends. This perfect fusion of vintage and modern aesthetics creates a mesmerising allure. Whether its luxury or street style, WMT knows no bounds, seamlessly navigating between the two with effortless versatility. The brand’s insatiable appetite for bold inspiration pushes boundaries and explores the limitless possibilities of vintage timepieces.

The premier wristwatch brand of Hong Kong

From the imagination of WMT visionaries, they strive to weave and fuse classical art with contemporary trends, and much like the collision of atoms that sparks a vibrant reaction, it is a place where dreams are brought to life, transcending the realm of possibilities.

At WMT, our artisans fearlessly explore new frontiers, infusing the dial with an unwavering spirit of boundless creativity. It symbolises our utmost passion for vintage wristwatches and our dedicated pursuit of vintage craftsmanship. Rejecting the idea of mass production, WMT remains steadfast in honouring the traditions of watchmaking while striving for excellence. Every WMT wristwatch undergoes meticulous craftsmanship by skilled watchmakers spanning several days, resulting in limited production, with select styles offered as limited editions.

Revitalising the Essence of Antique Timepieces

Nostalgia, a universally felt sentiment, derives its meaning from the memories of the past that shape our present existence. The passage of time not only signifies progress, but also forms the bedrock for retracing our historical origins.

Timepieces, as custodians of time, transcend the boundaries between the physical and the intangible, granting their owners a tangible experience. Throughout the ages, humanity has relentlessly pursued the boundaries of precise timekeeping, recognising the ability to grasp each passing second and minute as a source of certainly and security.

Antique wristwatches possess an extraordinary capability to traverse the corridors of time, faithfully safeguarding the stories and memories witnessed by their previous owners. With the passing of time, it leaves unique marks on the timepiece such as oxidised four hands, yellowed tinted glass and worn-out cases, further accentuating their enduring charm. WMT’s creations extend beyond mere timepieces; they embody a fragment of history on your wrist, forging a tangible connection to the sentiment of nostalgia.